Redeeming RDDL tokens

How to redeem earned RDDL tokens from your devices.


  • A device that has participated in Proof of Productivity challenges (i.e. that has received claims in the form of `crddl`)

  • A beneficiary address for a liquid wallet

Step-by-step guide

  1. Connect to your Tasmota device

  2. Go to Consoles->console

  3. Issue redeemclaims <beneficiaryLiquidAddress> command containing (e.g.: redeemclaims tlq1qq2e96fx7t0gvtq9lhk3vg7qwf7s08479ap3wqyelp2c4ds9y7wesk97fd0sla2s7qck4ezns3gy6s8h4qw3e2tqkyfnkvxs4u)

How it works

  1. Your device sends a transaction containing the beneficiary of the RDDL token claim to Planetmint

  2. Planetmint sends a claim request with your total amount of `crddl` to the ClaimService

  3. The ClaimService issues a transaction on liquid to send the according amount of RDDL tokens to the supplied liquid address and updates your claim on Planetmint with the corresponding liquid transaction ID

  4. Following the issuing of the liquid transaction, the ClaimService will continuously poll for confirmations on the liquid network

  5. Once enough confirmations are reached the ClaimService sends a confirmation to Planetmint finishing the process

Sequence diagram

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