RDDL Network knows two types of tokens:

  1. The RDDL Network token RDDL on the Liquid Network is a classic utility and incentive token. The RDDL token is floating. The token is distributed as mentioned in the whitepaper.

  2. Planetmint service token PLMNT is pegged against the average global cost for producing 1 W of solar power (0.0004€).

PLMNT can only be acquired by the RDDL token. Users can pay for specific RDDL network services with PLMNT. Examples are:

  • Attest the identity of a specific solar power generator to the public ledger.

  • Add the generator to a virtual power plant (VPP)

  • Make generator signals and data sellable

  • Issue a custom project token on the RDDL network (Liquid)

  • ...

An initial RDDL liquidity pool orchestrated by the RDDL DAO exists on the RDDL network. These RDDL tokens will have an issuance value of 0.04 €.

The corresponding PLMNT tokens will have a stable value of 0.0004 €. Initially, you will get 100 PLMNT for 1 RDDL.

Initially, 10% of the RDDL DAO pool will be transferred to a Planetmint pool. The amount will change over time, according to network governance.

At this point, the Liquid network operated by Blockstream is used. In the future, RDDL Network might or might not migrate to its self-maintained elements network.

Tokens & Layers


RDDL Network Token

Layer 2 - Liquid

Planetmint Network Token

Layer 1 - Planetmint

Transaction Fees

The default transaction fees of the Liquid Network apply to transactions of the RDDL token.

The transaction fee on the Planetmint network is initially fixed and equals 1 PLMNT. Changes to this might be applied by chain governance.

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