🔐Key Ceremony

Takes care of the key and secret initialization for the different types of wallets the node supports.

Keys and, therefore, identities are managed on both node types

  1. Tasmota Nodes

  2. Validator Nodes

Tasmota Nodes

Tasmota nodes come with a pre-attested MachineID that enables them to start interacting with the RDDL Network. The MachineID comes as a part of the firmware or is defined with an attached crypto-chip.

The keys used to interact with Liquid and Planetmint are created via a key ceremony on the Tasmota Nodes. Details of the process are listed and laid out in the section about compatible devices.

The key ceremony includes the creation of the following identities:

  • a keypair to interact on the Liquid network

  • a keypair to interact on Planetmint

    • a derived address on Planetmint

RDDL Network lets machines participate as soon as they attest themselves as part of the Machine Attestation workflow. Within the process of the machine attestation, the public keys of the machine on Liquid, Planetmint, the Planetmint address and the Machine ID are attested and associated with each other.

It is possible to look up and verify if a given public key, address or machine ID belongs to the same machine as another given public key, address or machine ID.

The API calls



can be used for this purpose.

Validator Nodes

Coming soon.

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