🏁Proof of Productivity


The Proof of Productivity is periodically executed, and its result (negative or positive) leads to and influences the reward distribution based on a multi-sig token re-issuance process on liquid.

Under the assumption that a single point of notarized data (CID) exposes and thus discloses no relevant information, PoP can be viewed and interpreted as a multi-round zero-knowledge proof.

Stages of Pop

The following stages of PoP exist:

  1. Actor Selection: The block-creating validator selects the PoP actors and initiates the PoP with the selected actors

  2. Challenge-Response: The challenger and challengee execute/perform the PoP.

  3. Rewards: The validators evaluate the notarized PoP Result and issue RDDL tokens as rewards.

The current implementation is based on MQTT. The goal is to switch XMPP to guarantee a privacy-preserving PoP.

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