๐Ÿ”ŒShelly Plus Plug S

The Shelly Plus Plug S does not have an RDDL Network-compatible Tasmota firmware. Instead, it comes with a Mongoose OS.

It is possible to install a RDDL Network Tasmota version with the help of a Mongoose OS to Tasmota converter.

Follow the steps to get your Shelly Plus Plug S RDDL ready.

Video guide:

1st Link: MgOs to Tasmota Github

2nd Link: RDDL Firmware

3rd Link: LED Configuration

Written guide:

  1. Setup your Shelly Plus Plug S and connect it to your network (see the manual)

    1. Connect to the ShellyPlusPlugS-Wifi of the device

    2. Browse to to configure your device

    3. Configure the Shelly Plus Plug S WiFi by providing the SSID and password to your local WiFi.

      Once the Shelly Plus Plug S connects to your local WiFi, you can see the device's IP address on the dashboard, and from now on, you can connect to Shelly Plus Plug S by entering this IP address on your browser.

      If you were unable to see the IP address,

      1. the IP address can be looked up on your router

      2. or via a network sniffing app for your OS.

    4. Upgrade the device firmware by selecting Settings and then Firmware.

    5. Be sure to refresh the shelly page after that to see the upload-file option on the web page.

  2. Follow the steps from https://github.com/tasmota/mgos32-to-tasmota32 and upgrade to the newest Tasmota firmware. IMPORTANT NOTE โš ๏ธ Make sure to follow the steps โ€œโš ๏ธ NEEDED โš ๏ธ Convert to Tasmota Safeboot and update to the latest Tasmota releaseโ€ on https://github.com/tasmota/mgos32-to-tasmota32 otherwise, you wonโ€™t be able to upgrade to RDDL-compatible firmware and even might brick your device!

  3. Enter the Consoles -> Partition Wizard page and resize the file system.

  4. Download new RDDL-compatible firmware from https://testnet-ta.rddl.io/firmware/esp32

  5. Upgrade to the previously downloaded firmware by selecting Firmware Upgrade, dragging and dropping the tasmota32-rddl.bin file onto the Upgrade by file upload section and finally, by clicking Start Upgrade.

Resizing (Step 3) is important in order to have fresh working filesystem. Issues got experiencd otherwise.

The LED configuration of the Plug can be configured as described at https://templates.blakadder.com/shelly_plus_plug_S.html.

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