Energy Tracker (FW to be made)

The Energy Tracker is powered by an ESP32-C6 chip and features a built-in IR sensor for reading and writing data to and from a Smart Meter. It also includes a USB Type-C port and an M-Bus connector. The device is equipped with two AAA batteries for easy replacement and a long battery life. The SE050 provides the necessary cryptographic hardware framework to comply with cryptographic primitives.

Thanks to Zigbee technology, the device can connect to a corresponding Zigbee Coordinator, which acts as a bridge between the Zigbee Tracker and Wi-Fi. The Zigbee Coordinator, in turn, is powered by 230V mains.

Component Specification

  • USB-Type C

  • Mbus

  • Zigbee

  • Wifi

  • IR Phototransistor

  • IR LED

  • SE050 (Secure Element)

  • Replaceable AAA Batteries

  • Ultra-low power is achieved by transistors turning off and on

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